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We call for a national defunding of police.
(Black Lives Matter)

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The BLM mission statement says, "We dismantle the patriarchal practice. We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement," yet there is a documented negative impact of single-parent homes versus two-parent households.  BLM co-founders Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza are self-described “trained Marxists.”

What about Benicia BLM?


The BBLM website says “The lack of Black representation [across City leadership, departments, and voluntary boards] tells a story of our complacency as a community and more so, the impact on our Black Benicians lived experience.” 

Is BBLM saying skin color should determine who is in leadership roles for the city?  This is illegal.


The BBLM Education Action Team goals include “teaching of the TRUTH regarding history about black people in America for grades K-12 per the 1619 project.”

Does BBLM still stand behind this statement now that the 1619 Project has largely been debunked?


BBLM says they advocate for the rights and justice Black Benicians are denied.

What rights and justice are being denied to black people in Benicia?  Let's make sure these crimes are reported!

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BLM is damaging many low-income black communities.  I have avidly followed the research on the movement and its impacts, and have learned that the claim at the heart of the movement, that police more readily shoot black people, is false and likely responsible for thousands of black people being murdered in the most disadvantaged communities in the country due to the anti-police movement.  The best evidence available today strongly suggests that police are not biased towards shooting black suspects.

Did You Know?

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) is a police officer-led series of classroom lessons that teaches children how to resist peer pressure and live productive drug and violence-free lives.  It emphasizes good decision-making skills and allows school children to interact positively with police officers. 


Benicia Black Lives Matter is actively campaigning to eliminate the DARE program from our schools.  As stated on their website, they consider the program “harmful” and characterized free t-shirts given to children from the police as “tone-deaf” and a “display of force.”  The BBLM site states, “Benicia is facing a racial and political reckoning.”

What Do You Think?

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A lot of well-meaning people think BLM is virtuous, but it is actually a destructive, anti-American group that exploits our country’s most incendiary issue:  race.  BLM ignores black-on-black killings, the slaughter of black children (born and unborn), and black police officers who have been killed.  The founders are admitted Marxists seeking anarchy and social unrest to rip America apart and remake it into a more Marxist society.  BLM does not want to solve problems.  By their own admission they are not interested in coming together with law enforcement and will reject any attempts to do so.  BLM seeks to destroy our country and enrich themselves financially, which they have successfully done by manipulating gullible people.

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People of good faith who reflexively support Black Lives Matter and “antiracism” should know they are affirming movements collectively rooted in and devoted to Marxism, Jew hatred, violence, racism, social discord, and the undermining of our founding values and principles.

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Henry Rogers (aka Ibram X. Kendi) may have bamboozled corporate America into spreading the toxic instruction to find racism in every action and thought in every minute of one’s waking hours. Disturbingly, the American Medical Association as part of its Health Equity Plan aims to “excise the myth of meritocracy.”

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Black Lives Matter is not about black lives, which we can see because of its disinterest in inner-city black-on-black killings, its indifference to the slaughter of black children born and unborn, and its silence about black police officers who've been killed. Because America has social and economic mobility, Marxists had to find a different incendiary issue, which, in America, is race. And of course, the BLM foot soldiers are primarily college-educated white women, who have drunk deeply from the Marxist swill their professors offer them. The founders of BLM desire anarchy and social unrest. BLM is not seeking to improve society; they are trying to destroy it. Americans, male or female, black or white, young or old, should resist this force of chaos, hatred, and destruction.

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Given the history of racism in this country and the complicity of the police in that history, police shootings of black men are particularly and understandably fraught. That history informs how many people view the police. But there is a larger reality behind the issue of policing, crime, and race:  the problem of black-on-black crime.  Unless we acknowledge it, we won’t get very far in understanding patterns of policing.

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