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Marxism is a philosophy and communism is the ideal state achieved when Marxism is lived out. A Marxist is a person who embraces the philosophy of Karl Marx; a Communist is a person who applies Marx’s ideas to the government and the economy.

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To define Marxism in simple terms, it’s a political and economic theory where a society has no classes. Every person within the society works for a common good, and class struggle is theoretically gone. Sounds simple right? Not so much. Actually, many horror movies and dystopian books are written based on trying to create a classless, utopian society.

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Marxism is one of the most catastrophic ideas in history. Tyrants and butchers inspired by the noxious notions of Karl Marx — including such successors as Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot — are responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million of our fellow human beings, as well as the enslavement and immiseration of many hundreds of millions more.

Did You Know?

Thirty percent of younger Americans (Gen Z) have a favorable view of Marxism.  Has our nation failed to teach them the dangerous consequences of Marxism when it is put into practice?

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Did you know Marxists use Critical Theory to further their goals?  Click to learn more.

“Defund the police, allow for shoplifting, give drugs to drug addicts, give money for people to stop work, what will be the consequence?  You will destroy the society, you will destroy the city, you will destroy the economy, and it’s already happening!  And when they see more problems, they say 'Oh, we need more of the same solutions' that caused the problems in the first place.  And they enact more of them.  So they have more problems.  And then they enact more of the same 'solutions' that caused those problems, they have more problems.  They can’t be so dumb, of course they’re not.  They are smart. They are very smart people. So why are they doing these things?  Because it’s by design.  It has to be by design.  There is no other logical explanation.”

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El Salvador
Nayib Bukele

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