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Today we live in a country that provides amazing freedom and opportunity.  Millions risk everything to come to America.  Do we take our freedom for granted?  Are we willing to fight to preserve it?


What did our founders sacrifice for this freedom?  What fates befell the brave early Americans who dared to stand for freedom?  Particularly the signers of the Declaration of Independence, most of whom could have continued living quite well under British rule – what were they willing to sacrifice? 


Our founders were mostly well-educated and wealthy.  Each had more to lose from a revolution than he had to gain from it.  They knew the penalty for treason was death by hanging.  Yet they risked everything.


What happened to them?  Many were captured, tortured, and killed.  Others fought in the war, in terrible conditions.  Some saw their families killed and their homes burned.  Many lost everything in the pursuit of freedom.


Would we make this sacrifice today?

Do we take our freedom for granted?

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