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Worth Noting:

  • Lara Ruark is a 4th Grade Teacher at Mary Farmar Elementary School.

  • CeCe Grubbs is a current School Board Member.

  • Billy Innes is a former City Council Member Candidate.

  • Renee Stewart is the wife of former School Board Member Andre Stewart.

  • Jenn Hanley is the Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator. 

  • Lionel Largaespada is a former City Council Member.

  • Jacy Boe is the Librarian at Mary Farmar Elementary School.

  • Alan Zada is married to School Board President Sheri Zada.

  • Brian Douglas is a former BUSD employee.

  • Gina Marwick is the College & Career Counselor for Benicia High School.

  • Beth Seilonen is the Visual Arts Teacher at Benicia High School.

  • Carleen Maselli is a Mathematics Teacher at Benicia High School and is married to Governing School Board Member Mark Maselli. 

  • Melanie Buehrer Buck is the Principal at Joe Henderson Elementary School.

  • Amber Kelly is a former Librarian/employee at Benicia Middle School.

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