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BUSD Priorities
Misspelled Gay Straight Alliance Poster

Did You Know?

The Benicia Unified School District goals are focused on Equity, Social-Emotional Learning, Literacy, and Mathematics. Hiring is focused on diversity and equity.

The BUSD has a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) which sets for their goals:

Goal 1: Social-Emotional Learning

Goal 2: Literacy/Humanities

Goal 3: Math/STEAM

Goal 4: Equity & Opportunity

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Damon Wright, Benicia School Superintendent

Dr. Damon Wright



Did you notice that the superintendent re-ordered the goals to prioritize equity and social emotional learning over academics?

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Did you notice that "diverse" and "equity-focused" rank above "highly qualified"?  Does BUSD pay their diversity staff members and contractors more than our math and science teachers?

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School boards in major districts across the nation are pushing curricula and policies that force children to cater to identity politics, environmentalism, transgenderism, and so much more than children should ever be forced to grapple with.

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As children attempt to navigate the perceptions of their peers and the authorities, they learn how they can score points and avoid rejection if they agitate for those agenda items. Children tend to imitate. They will playact various personas at the expense of developing unique personalities, if they are led to believe that is how to gain peer acceptance.

When you teach children to hate America, to hate each other (racism), that science doesn’t matter (gender is fluid), they lose their foundation.

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California’s ethnic studies initiatives train children in Marxist theory—and opposition to the American system.  The Department of Education approved an ethnic studies model curriculum, and individual school districts have begun to implement programs that advocate “decolonizing” the United States and “liberating” students from capitalism, patriarchy, and settler colonialism.

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The Benicia Unified School District pays Epoch Education to train staff, students, and parents.  The Epoch co-founder lumps everyone into race categories, and considers people to be defined by their skin color.  She states, “If I have food and everything else I need, and I make sure you have everything you need, too, then I never have to worry about you coming in and harming me or stealing from me,” simplifying human behavior to merely if one’s needs are met.  She writes about non-white people being under attack, but according to her argument, this would only be because the attackers don’t have food and everything else they need.  If her presumption is that white people have their needs met and therefore would not be attackers, does she think non-white people are attacking other non-white people?  Is this something we should be paying for or teaching our children?

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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) calls for a shifting away from the “narrow focus on academics.”  But isn’t the purpose of our schools academics?  Social Emotional Learning (SEL) takes focus away from academics.

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Is there gender confusion in Benicia schools?

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Inappropriate sexual classroom content is educational malpractice. It breeds confusion and insecurities, causing lifelong negative consequences, such as mental-health issues.  This indoctrination fuels identity confusion in students and conflicts with their biological reality.  Promoting and providing access to gender-blocking hormones and body-change surgeries to children causes them irreversible damage, including sterilization.

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Teenagers and adults under 25 make up an estimated 43 percent of the transgender population.

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Grooming children through government-run systems such as public schools is not a new concept. It’s a practice used by many cults to control a group by breaking down children and estranging them from their parents, anchors such as religion and patriotism, and even from themselves so that they don’t know who they are. This is a means of gaining political power by disrupting the strength in the family unit.

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Normal feelings of not fitting in due to puberty may be influenced by friends and online sources who encourage gender dysphoria, and the belief that the only path to happiness is gender transition.  Also encouraged is the belief that anyone who disagrees with the teen is transphobic and should be cut out of their life.  As with all harmful coping mechanisms, they are used to avoid negative feelings in the short term, but do not solve underlying problems, and often cause additional ones.

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The American College of Pediatricians calls for an end to the normalization of gender dysphoria in children because it has led to the ongoing experimentation upon, and sterilization of, confused children.

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Is the American population normalizing mental illness into society? If not a mental illness, then why are there so many signs of mental illness within the transgender community and also such high rates of suicide?

Benicia School Libraries
learn more about Benicia's sex education curriculum
Gender Confusion
Ideology in Schools

Is race being used to control students in Benicia?

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Controversial Critical Race Theory pledged to be taught by Benicia teachers

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Equity and Inclusion Committees are being established in Benicia schools.  They will enhance the already established BUSD Equity Team.  Read their “Equity Work Talking Points” here: 

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BUSD policy now states that attendance, conduct, and work habits SHALL NOT be factored into the academic grade for BUSD students.  All missed assignments (excused or unexcused) shall be available for make up with full credit.  This is part of the equity agenda.

Do these measures prepare our children for their lives as adults?

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BUSD endorses Benicia Black Lives Matter events.  Learn more about Benicia Black Lives Matter here:

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Everywhere you turn, American businesses and whites are walking on eggshells, pandering to blacks. This is an undeniable truth that I am not allowed to say out loud, especially as a black person. Leftists will verbally beat the crap out of me on social media. Only by spreading the truth will we defeat the left's insidious divisive evil and unite ourselves as Americans.

Did you know that it is a state law for schools to begin each day with a patriotic moment?  Most schools satisfy this requirement by saying the pledge.

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Benicia Middle School does not say the pledge daily.

Students at Benicia High School are not required to stand or participate during the pledge.

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Going back to the 1780s, the reason for public education was to develop democratic citizens.  But our public schools have failed.  Instead, we are telling our young people that America is racist and oppressive and has only failed over the years to do right by the most vulnerable, rather than that we were founded with incredible ideals that we have sometimes failed to live up to.

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But the critics are wrong about America, because they are missing the big picture. In their indignation over the sins of America, they ignore what is unique and good about American civilization. American life as it is lived today is the best life that our world has to offer. Ultimately America is worthy of our love and sacrifice because, more than any other society, it makes possible the good life, and the life that is good.

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Race Issues
BUSD Equity Grading
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A Virginia mother who grew up in communist China said, “I am very alarmed by what’s going on in our schools.  You are now teaching and training our children to be social justice warriors, and to loathe our country, and our history.  Growing up in Mao’s China, all of this seems very familiar,” the mother continued. “The communist regime used the same critical theory to divide people. The only difference is they used class instead of race.”

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The first and foremost power in any society is the control of children, because the control of children is the control of the future.  This is why socialism always aims, first and foremost, to control the child.  Control of children is control of the future.  It’s that simple.  The state knows it.  The humanists know it.  The Marxists know it.  The Fabian-Socialists know it.  The Fascists know it; and it’s time we, as Christians, knew it. 

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